Mentoring for the Whole Life

Men and women in every culture on the planet, of every age, innately long to be whole and complete. Our mentoring flows from the Circle of Life. Our model is a circle, with your belief system at its core. This is intentional. This is foundational. We are 8-dimensional people. No dimension is primary. No dimension is of small import. A healthy person is growing, developing, changing…willing to work on every dimension of his or her life.

Circle of Life

Rollover each dimension for an explanation

  • Physical

    Health... wellness... fitness... rest... nutrition... sexuality

  • Family & Marriage

    Born into a family...marriage creates a family...may remain unmarried...or be part of an extended family

  • Intellectual we learn…what we do with what we know...the amazing functions of that massive computer between your ears...

  • Creative/Innovative/

    Experience the delight of creatively influencing and impacting others in encouraging them to be making a difference in our world

  • Financial

    Earning...spending...saving...and giving your $$$ away

  • Vocational productive within the waking, working hours of your day

  • Emotional

    ...core feelings…curious emotions…caring, or not caring…part of the amazing functions of that massive computer between your ears that lets you both think and feel...these also get formed in our brain...

  • Social from the pressures of life

Belief System

Congruence is a person living into and out of what they really believe to be true about how they are living their life.
At the core of our 8-dimensional model is a belief system, a creative foundation, uniquely yours, to live fully into the truth of why you are alive right now. What are you longing to do with your life? What do you believe to be true about who you are and why you are alive to make a difference in our world?

We seek to help people live congruently into and out of that Belief System in all 8 Dimensions of life:

We are innately Social — we relate, relax and renew

We have a Vocation — a calling

We are Financial — we earn, spend, save and give

We are Creative — Innovative—Designful—Playful

We are Emotional — our brain stores and controls core feelings

We are Intellectual creatures — we learn and are innately curious

We are part of a Family — by birth or adoption and marriage

We are Physical — our body needs attention and care

Yet few of us live intentionally as whole people:

We become trapped by our history, by patterns of thinking or behaving.  “I’m just ____,” “I can’t ____.” These are the words of shackles, words of bondage. They are not words of freedom.


Or we become superstars at our vocation, or finances, or…  We gravitate to what we like, what brings comfort, what brings praise.  We become one-dimensional:  exceptional in one quality, neglecting the others.


At Leadership Design Group, we encourage you to live life as a whole person wherever you find yourself on the planet. And we want to see you encouraging others to do the same.