Discovering Mentoring

Our Invitation

Leadership Design Group is a global network that mentors and equips individuals and organizations to reach and live their destiny.   We invite you to join us in this mission.   Here are several ways we can help individuals and organizations who seek transformative change through a whole-life mentoring model.

Introduction to Whole-Life Mentoring

Leadership Design Group offers a two-hour introduction to Whole-Life Mentoring and our model.  The introduction is designed to familiarize an individual or organization with our model covers the basics of the Circle of Life, Mentoring for the Three3rds of Life, and key skills required of a mentor.  The introduction may be made in person or via the requesting organization’s video conference.

Two-Day Mentoring Workshop

Our two-day mentoring workshop is designed to perform initial training on Whole-Life Mentoring for an organization or group of people.  Key areas covered in the workshop include:
    • Introduction to Leadership Design, Whole-Life Mentoring and Three3rds of Life
    • Overview of mentoring in all 8 Dimensions of the Circle of Life
    • Instruction in mentoring in all 8 Dimensions of the Circle of Life (Cont)
    • Specific mentoring in each third of life
    • Mentoring across age differences
    • Developing your key skills as a mentor
    • Conclusion and workshop evaluation
    Training is normally conducted at the requesting organization’s facilities, but can be conducted at a Leadership Design Group-arranged facility if desired.  Individuals interested in training will be accommodated at regional workshops planned 3-4 times per year.

    Mentor Training

    Leadership Design Group conducts Mentor Training for organizations who desire to establish a mentoring program.  We conduct mentor training on a “train-the-trainer” model.

    Mentor Training begins with the Two-Day Mentoring Workshop.  Following the workshop, a Leadership Design Group Master Mentor will conduct an additional day of training on mentoring skills and assist an organization in establishing mentoring relationships.

    Mentor Training includes a one-year association with the organization to train its mentors. This association includes:

    • Quarterly in-person visits to the organization to conduct one-half to one day on-site continuation training for mentors. A second day will allow individual face-to-face meetings with mentors in training.
    • Monthly meetings with mentors in training by Face Time, Skype or other video conference methods. These 90-minute sessions are designed to mentor the person in training as well as work through issues that arise in his or her own ongoing mentoring.
    • Access to Leadership Design Group’s Prime materials, tools and other mentoring updates

    Master Mentor Training

    Master Mentor Training is designed for those who desire to be trained to train other mentors and normally reserved for those desiring an Associate relationship with Leadership Design Group.  The training is normally reserved for those who have at least one year’s experience in mentoring with Leadership Design Group’s model. Depending on the available time of the trainee, becoming a master mentor is a 2-3 year process. You will become a fully trained and certified Master Mentor.

    Master Mentor Training includes:

    • The Two-Day Mentoring Workshop. The Master Mentor in training will conduct a portion of the workshop
    • One day of training in mentoring skills. The Master Mentor in training will conduct a portion of this day’s training.
    • One day one-on-one intensive training session in advanced mentoring skills and in training other mentors
    • One year’s experience in training other Mentors. The first six months will be observing and the second six months in training other mentors with the instructor in an observing and supporting role. This training is normally accomplished as an instructor / Master Mentor in training team providing training to an organization or group of mentors
    • Monthly two-hour sessions with the Master Mentor instructor. These sessions will include mentoring for the Master Mentor in training as well as working through problems that might have risen during mentor training.
    • “Anytime” phone access to the Master Mentor instructor
    • Access to all Leadership Design Group Mentor training material
    • Access to Leadership Design Group’s Prime materials, tools and other mentoring updates

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    For additional information or to schedule and introduction, workshop or training, contact Leadership Design Group