Foundational to Life: Your Personal Belief System

What is it you really believe to be true about life?

Your life.

No one else.  Just you. Profoundly you…

What is it you really believe to be true about your life?

You and everyone you know (…and don’t know…) have initially been placed here on Planet Earth for a purpose.  You are here to make a difference in this world…a positive difference.

With all the tragic “stuff” that is going on in our world, it’s sometimes overwhelming to keep reading of the tragedies that continually pile up against people.  Too often, it seems like half, or more, of the stories on the nightly news have a stark sadness to them.  We are often left with a sense of helplessness with so much pain in our world, our towns, our families, maybe even next door to where you live.

As a whole-person leadership mentor, I’ve the sacred privilege of walking with men and women from around the globe into the “stuff” of their own lives.  Few things thrill me more that experiencing with those amazing souls their choosing to live above, beyond and into a future that nurtures rather than depletes…no matter their personal circumstances.

Even before we begin to explore all of the 8 Dimensions of Life, their life, it is crucial for them to begin to believe that they have an ordained uniqueness. There is a “like no other” for them, for you, for me. Who they are is core to what they will be doing with their life, in every 3rd of their life (to be addressed in future posts here). Therefore, for you, the reader, like right now…

I believe that you are here for a purpose

…no matter who you are.

I believe that you are here to make

a positive difference in our world

…no matter your age or where you live.

The unique who you are

is core to what you do with your life.

Whether we’ve thought about it, or not, you and I have a belief system that forms a grid for every facet, every dimension of our life. If we were to be having coffee right now (or whatever beverage you choose) you and I would be responding to each other out of our core beliefs about life.

This belief system begins to be formed from the moment we begin to breathe as a baby. How people respond to us, the sounds we hear, the words spoken to us, how we are cradled, hugged, or not hugged, what might make people notice us, invitations, affirmations, rejections, possible abuse of some sort, all go into further molding our belief systems…for our whole lives.

One of my favorite conversations to have with people, from strangers, to new friends and old, is “Tell me who you are.” About 98% of the time they will fill me in on what they do. That’s nice to know, but it’s not what I was asking.

Who are you?

I admit, that is not an easy question. But it is one of the most valuable questions you could ask of anyone. It is an important question to even ask of yourself.

Who am I?

This is where the best of mentoring always begins. This is where you as mentor, or mentoree, will begin to build a mentoring relationship that will take you on a journey into the future of exploring and discovering more of who you are, and then what you want to be doing with who you are.

In the four previous blog posts, we talked about four pillars upon which we build and grow our lives. These pillars form the best of mentoring where we are encouraged to be intentional with how we live our lives. This encouragement is for us to be a person willing, at any age, to experience deep change. A life long commitment to keep growing forward in every dimension of our whole life will allow us to live into our ordained design. In time we will then look back and see that transformation is taking place, even in the harder moments of life that may come our way.

The best of mentoring will always begin with who you are, right where you are, no matter your circumstances or life events. The best of mentoring nurtures and prepares you for a future that brings personal growth on the wings of hope that you will be doing with your life what you need to be about to be fulfilled, productive and hope-filled.

One of my all time favorite quotes is from the insightful pen of a favorite poet, Mary Oliver. It’s not just a statement. It is a question that the best of mentoring will help you answer as you also live your life to the full:

Tell me,

what do you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?

These weekly blog posts from friends of Leadership Design Group will help you begin to further form your answers to that question. The answers you form come first from your belief system. We welcome, any time, your responses and questions.

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