Developing a Serving, Caring Heart in Leaders

Leadership is often counterintuitive.

The normal way we see leadership in Business, Institutions, or Non-Profits is as a linear command-and-conquer strategy. Usually we see C-level executives, no matter what type of organization, who set the course for the rest of a company, including those who may or may not understand the “whys” around the decisions being made.

Last week, I spent some time with a highly successful Hedge Fund Manager from Chicago. His basic business model is to go and buy companies within the range of $50 – $100M in revenues. We talked about the difference between entrepreneurs who hold on to the equity in their business, and those who can see how to incentivize employees to produce more.

At the heart of the discussion
was the ability to find out
what each individual person needs and wants.

Entrepreneurs want to see their business creations grow and be viable in the marketplace, but they hold on tight to the equity in the company they’ve created. The leaders of these companies are interested in profits, but rarely see beyond simply cash out to actually holding a stake in the game.

The employees of the company are often looking for safety and security, but have no idea what it means to have a stake in the profit game or hold onto company equity.

So when you approach a deal like this,
it’s important you see how to work out a system
where everyone wins.

That’s leadership.

That’s leadership in any type of organization,
profit or non-profit.

Leadership isn’t about demanding your way, but rather how can you lead others to success as well. When the hedge fund managers convince the entrepreneurs to sit down and share equity with the leadership team, and the leadership team shares profits of the sale of the company with employees, everybody wins.

Leadership Design Group is committed
to working this way in their ongoing,
creative ways of helping to design leaders
for all types of organizations.

Looking for ways to help others find their needs first, helps develop leaders for the future. True Leaders have the ability to go and see in the hearts and minds of others, and lead for the good of those rather than always seeking their own needs and desires first.

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Founder/Director of KIVU and The KIVU Gap Year, LDG World Ambassador. Andy Braner, along with his wife, Jamie Jo, are the Founders of the Kivu Gap Year, a dynamic, life-changing extension of their 15 years of leading Camp Kivu, formerly in Durango, Colorado. Hundreds of adolescents and Millennials from around the world have benefited from their creative, wise and life-changing programs. It is also LDG’s privilege to have Andy as a valued and active member of our Board of Directors. Twelve years ago Andy invited Wes Roberts, LDG’s Founder, to be his mentor, and it is a welcome friendship that has steadily grown over these years with Andy and Jamie Jo. This couple has two daughters and three sons, from high school to early elementary…two graciously adopted from Rwanda. They live in Breckenridge, Colorado Andy has a heart to test this process cross culturally as he is currently involved creating experiences where American Youth interacting with Middle Eastern Youth. He is annually leading trips to Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan. He’s written five books on youth culture, and has over 20 years of youth experience. His latest book No Fear in Love: Learning to Love other as God loves them is a look into the heart of fear in culture and what drives us to love well. Here is where you can learn more about the exceptional Kivu Gap Year: Any high school student you know needs to investigate this outstanding program.

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