Written by Steve Musick

Steve Musick is the President and CEO of Destiny Capital Corporation in Golden, Colorado. Since 1977 Steve has been in the business of managing family wealth for generations. http://www.destinycapitalcorporation.com/ He is an author, blogger, lecturer and has been an adjunct speaker and mentor at the University of Denver specializing in entrepreneurial leadership, as outlined in his 2013 book “Job Generation: Putting America Back To Work…Again.” When not in business uniform Steve can be found strolling a golf course, blasting a top spin forehand on the tennis court, or wading quietly through a trout stream. Steve has been married to Elaine since 1978, and they have three sons, two who are married and one soon to be married. At Leadership Design Group we are also immensely grateful to have Steve and Elaine as engaged, active, wisdom-sharing members of LDG’s Board of Directors.