Since 1980, Leadership Design Group (LDG) has been seeing lives transformed through Whole Life Mentoring as we work with leaders and their organizations all over the U.S. and around the globe.  Founder and Master Mentor Wes Roberts, along with his bride Judy, and his Board Of Directors, launched LDG because of the need they saw in the lives of leaders and organizations to lead from the core of a healthy, well-balanced life.  Originally a pastor and counselor, Wes (and Judy) Roberts settled in Denver, Colorado where he himself experienced the challenges of leading a healthy, growing organization, life and marriage.  Wes has devoted nearly four decades to developing a way to think about and live life in 8 distinct, but connected dimensions in a way that leads to ongoing maturity, health, and strength.

As the story of LDG has unfolded over the years, we have also provided a myriad of other services to leaders of countless churches, NGOs, businesses, and schools, including workshops, conferences, counseling intensives, consulting, strategic planning, conflict resolution, and organizational development coaching.

Today, Leadership Design Group is growing with an expanded vision, leadership team, and organization.  In 2013, a new chapter unfolded under the umbrella of LDG with the addition of Leadership Design Associates and Three3rds Media, to allow better delivery and resources to train and equip business mentors in the marketplace.

Vision & Mission


We are a global network that mentors and equips individuals and organizations to reach and live their destiny.


We will explore and discover the uniqueness of each individual as we mentor leaders and organizations around the world to live intentionally, creatively, and fully, into and out of their individual design.

Using the tools and experience we have developed over the last four decades, we are now training Master Mentors to fulfill the Vision and Mission above so that exponentially more lives are touched and transformed.  As the Vision and Mission of Leadership Design Group is accomplished and expanded, the lives and organizations of those who experience whole life, deep change, transformational Mentoring will impact the world.


As we dream into the future about the unfolding plan for LDG, the potential for positive, deep-change, whole-life impact in the lives of leaders, their families, and the organizations they lead has never been greater!  Our leadership team is expanding.  Our team of Master Mentors is expanding, and we are expanding our capacity to provide the necessary training, resources, and leadership to the growing masses of people around the globe who are frequently asking for Intentional, Deep-Change, Whole-Life, Transformational Mentoring.

Leadership Design Group, along with Leadership Design Associates, and Three3rds Media is consistently adding the resources and Master Mentors needed in the marketplace, the ministry place, for NGO’s and in personal lives both domestically and around the globe.

Our dream is that soon there will be at least one Master Mentor who is fully equipped with the understanding and training to provide the complete gamut of resources available through Leadership Design Group in every city in the U.S. and in every country in the world.  We invite you to join us in making this necessary dream a reality.

Our Leaders

The following people (in alpha order by last name…) make up the developing leadership and advisory teams for all that Leadership Design Group is about.  Listed here are both paid and volunteer team members.

Their creative input, intentional commitment, sincerely stellar gifts of purpose-filled leadership will be taking the life-giving possibilities of whole-life mentoring to new heights.  We are honored to count these gifted individuals as significant members of Leadership Design Group’s Mentoring Development Team:

Core Mentoring Development Team

Peter Allis/CO

Peter is uniquely designed to be a master mentor for men of all ages. Semi retired after an accomplished business career he now pours much of his time into mentoring men, both in his church and in the community.

Using the Circle of Life Mentoring Model, he has developed a year long program that helps men take a deeper look at their lives. He brings a significant creative capacity to add spiritual depth to what we are about. His command of Biblical truth, and his capacity to make that truth relevant in the lives of men of all ages has him a sought out mentor for men who long to be fully alive in all their relationships.

Peter, and his wife, Linda, married in 1981, have one daughter, one son-in-law, three grandkids and one son. Peter will take anyone up on playing golf anywhere, almost any time.

Mark Beach/TX

Mark is uniquely designed to develop.

Mark and his wife, Becky, have been married since 2004. They have two daughters and one son. This couple also serves on the Board of Directors of Leadership Design Group with wisdom and enthusiasm in the development of emerging leaders.

Andy Braner/CO

LDG World Ambassador/Architect of Hope

Andy is uniquely designed to be a world changer. As an author and in-demand speaker, he travels the world speaking from a “world view” platform that is changing lives in a variety of cultures.

He listens with an unusual creative intensity that brings others from diverse backgrounds to trust the truth of what he profoundly speaks, suggests, and nurtures for their own lives. Andy recognizes that for the world to be a place where necessary and possible change keeps happening, he has dedicated his life to working with adolescents and emerging adults to form a life-giving world view for their own lives and futures. His influence with parents and others working with world youth has taken on increasing significance.

The formation of Camp Kivu in SW Colorado is a potent platform for developing healthy lives that also has him traveling with both interfaith and intercultural opportunities. He helps men and women of all ages to recognize and live into their places as a world citizen, no matter their ethnicity, religion, age, gender or educational background.

He is a welcome architect of hope for LDG, keeping us mindful of our expanding influence in our world. Andy and his wife, Jamie Jo, were married in 1997. They have five children, two daughters, three sons. One daughter and one son were adopted into their family from Africa.

Luke Fenstermacher/CO

Luke and his wife, Laurie, also bring their life expertise to being involved members of the LDG Board of Directors. He is being well used in our Denver community to encourage forward younger emerging leaders.

Laura Flanders/CO

Leadership Mentor/Transformation Catalyst

Laura is uniquely designed to come alongside leaders who have a vision for the future but need a collaborative space in which to figure out the practicalities. Her goal is to help the realists move closer to hope and the hopeful closer to realism. Laura believes that hopeful realism is a position from which every leader must serve.

Laura exercises her unique design in leadership development and training for national industry and non-profit organizations. Currently she resides full-time as a Mentoring Director and Associated Faculty Member at Denver Seminary. She educates students towards being able to discern, direct and manage their own unique learning experiences. This self-directed, yet collaboratively guided learning culture equips students to be lifelong learners. Laura holds tight to the idea that life-long learners are self-aware persons who are better able to serve the needs of others.

In addition to raising their now adult children, she and her husband Dale served in pastoral ministry for twenty-four years, the last ten in church planting. She also consults for businesses, non-profits and churches in the Denver area. Laura graduated from Seattle Pacific University (BA) and Denver Seminary (MA). An avid gardener, Laura uses gardening as a gateway to write about finding, sustaining and nurturing hope during times of sorrow and loss. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking, biking, golfing and eating a home cooked meal with others.

Scott Foster/TX

Managing Director (Designate) of Leadership Design Associates

Scott is uniquely designed to be adventurous in helping leaders creatively develop their corporate structures where entire teams are accomplishing more than they had imagined.  By experience and training he has impacted several industries and multiple disciplines

Scott trained in petroleum engineering. Combined with an Executive MBA and three decades of intensive, successfully navigating corporate transformations this background has given him a passion for being a change agent and a developer of leaders from new to established.  He fairly oozes creative wisdom that any leader, young or older, would welcome receiving.

Under Scott’s mentorship, responsible corporate change is dynamically possible because the leaders themselves will be experiencing their own personal growth in all 8 dimensions of their own lives.  When leaders experience life-giving growth, their organizations also change for the better.

Scott and his wife, Kim, married since 1989, are the proud parents of one daughter.  They are having one delight-filled time watching her fall in love.  His influence as a lay leader in the churches he and his family have attended has also been life-giving to those specialized leadership teams.  He’s always ready to use any good excuse to take someone fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, should you be so inclined.

Mark Hostetler/CO

Mentoring Advisor for Families and Small Business

Mark is uniquely designed to be the kind of business leader to take the Circle of Life Mentoring Model into how he functions within an independent, personal business. This informs his work, and his influence with other successful independent business owners.

Even more importantly, he takes this material into his marriage and his fathering of four children, two daughters, two sons. These children, being home schooled, are being taught about life with the mentoring model in mind, whether in their home or often hiking in the magnificent Rockies with other friends.

He, and his wife, Lorrie, married since 1997, also have in mind this model as they serve on the Board of Directors of a ministry that uniquely focuses on spiritual direction for individuals and in groups. Attending an Anglican fellowship in the Denver area, they also see the dynamic relevance of this model as they also look at life through the teaching influence of a friend who is a Rabbi and international teacher.

Jacob Kitonsa/CO

International Consultant

Dr. Jacob Kitonsa is uniquely designed to think about, mentor and lead across cultures.  He is equipped to not only develop leadership models, but to model, mentor and teach across cultures.  His passion is for developing leaders around the globe inspired him to work had at getting his Doctorate in Leadership (DMin) in 2011 from Denver Seminary.

Born and raised in Uganda, Jacob, nurtured by his grandfather, has been a recognized leader since his youth.  From 1999 to 2014, both in Uganda and in the USA he was a valued part of Compassion International.  A major role with Compassion in his excellent time with that group was as the International Leadership Development Program Manager.  Jacob has been working and serving as an influencer in over 26 different countries across the globe.  In addition to his other work, we are grateful he will be LDG’s International Consultant.

Jacob has been married to Sarah since 1997.  They have four children—one daughter and three sons.  He’s a trusted influencer, cross-culturally, with the Circle of Life Mentoring Model.

Carol Murphy/WA

Leadership Mentor/Women

Carol is uniquely designed to encourage women and children to live fully for God. An answered childhood prayer convinced her that God is not only real and powerful, but that he cares for her personally. Based on that core belief system Carol passionately motivates others to grow in all 8 dimensions of their precious lives.

Carol exercises her unique personality to mentor women. For over 20 years she taught 4th grade at a Christian school. Now partially retired, she relishes the extra time available for her church’s mentoring ministry. Believing in the power of prayer, Carol enjoys discovering creative ways to pray scripture.

Carol and her husband, Pat, were married in 1974, and treasure their three children and precious grandchildren. If you visit Seattle, Carol would love to take you for a walk on the wooded trails near her home or enjoy a live stage production together!

Tim Murphy/VA

CE/EO: Chief Excellence/Executive Officer

Tim is uniquely designed to think strategically into the future and build plans to move an organization from the present to that future.  He has a passion for developing young business and military professionals.

In his role as CE/EO for LDG, Tim exercises his unique personality to serve, help form and co-lead LDG’s new initiatives.  He has the creative responsibility for delivering world-class leadership design through mentoring to a variety of business, educational, government, arts, sports and non-profit organizations.  Tim also helps to oversee the selection, training and management of a network of Leadership Master Mentors for Leadership Design Associates.

Tim served a distinguished 30-year career in the Air Force and has worked in business since retiring, developing leaders throughout both careers.  Tim has been married to Jan since 1975.  They have four children: three daughters, one daughter-in-law, one son, two sons-in-law and eight grandchildren.

Ron Paterik/AZ

CCCC: Chief Creative Consultant/Counselor

Ron is uniquely designed to exercise creative wisdom in all that he does. His diverse counseling/consulting skills helps individuals and organizations live into the future they’ve always hoped for, but needed an intentional, trusted guide to help them get to where they have longed to be.

Ron has experienced a valuable psychotherapy practice. Since the early 80’s he has worked at helping hurting people find hope and transformation in their lives.

His life-giving, life-changing influence has significantly evolved, as he has worked personally with developing leaders in church, business, educational and clinical settings.

Those individuals, in turn, have invited him to also help them shape their own leadership teams.

Within LDG he is considered our cultural architect. He will be one of those who will be helping us have both business, psychological and spiritual integrity as we develop the future School of Mentoring.

Ron is the proud father of four emerging adults, two daughters, two sons and one fine son-in-law.  Invite him to climb a mountain with you, and he’s ready.

Wes Roberts/CO

Founder/CCO: Chief Creative Officer

Wes is uniquely designed to encourage, grow, prod, and challenge others. He is wildly creative and able to imagine better futures for others and himself. Since 1967 his intentional, deep-change, whole-life, transformational leadership mentoring model has helped shape the future of individuals and organizations to grow their dreams into reality. Most of those on this LDG Mentoring Development Team have been mentored by Wes over a wide range of time frames.

Wes exercises his unique personality to serve others as Founder and President of Leadership Design Group (LDG), Leadership Design Associates (LDA) and Three3rds Media (T3M). Wes has been mentoring individuals and teams since 1967 from a variety of backgrounds and on every major continent. The unique mentoring model that has deepened, enriched, challenged and changed many lives—in every third of life, is a cornerstone for all that takes place within LDG, LDA, T3M and the future School of Mentoring (SoM) and Mentoring w/o Borders (Mw/oB) through which the LDG Master Mentor training will be experienced.

Married to Judy since 1967, they co-founded this work in 1980. She has faithfully served as the administrator in past years. This special lady is a warm model of hospitality for friends, acquaintances and complete strangers from both her own and other cultures. Wes and Judy are blessed to have one daughter.

Dennis Turner/KS

MDT Thought Leader

Dennis is uniquely designed as a creative and forward-thinking entrepreneur. He has a huge capacity for getting the best out of others and encouraging excellence.

Dennis currently is the lead pastor of a vibrant, growing church in the heartland of the US, which has experienced what LDG is all about since 1994. He is a valued and original member of the Mentoring Development Team (MDT), He will be exercising his unique gifts of helping the development of both current and future teams to think forward into the possibilities that will grow out of Leadership Design Group in the future.

Dennis has a varied background in Business and Ministry. As a Business Entrepreneur, he has launched his own businesses, and as a Ministry Entrepreneur, he has launched Churches and Mission Organizations in North America, Central America, India and other parts of the world. He has been married to Cathy since 1982. They have one daughter and son-in-law and one son and daughter-in-law Three grandchildren gladly occupy their time, as well.

LDG’s Mentoring Development Team is growing.  Introductions will be in future blog posts.